Last Week in Photos: Sept 7 – 13

Most of these photos show minor accidents – with some damage to vehicles but hopefully very little to the drivers and passengers. But you might notice that EVERY ONE is blocking the flow of traffic. So let these photos be a reminder that even minor accidents cause problems for road users – and not just those directly involved in the accident!


An accident on Enterprise Road. via @kenyanspider

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Week 2: Best Photos

For the second week of accident reporting we received 292 accident reports that described 145 unique accidents.

Many of these reports included great photos that helped describe and verify the details of an accident. Below are some of the best. Take these as a reminder of how useful a photo can be, but also how disastrous an accident can be.

via @mugosymon3
A minor accident between a matatu and a truck. via @mugosymon3

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Week 1: Best Photos

Sometimes a single photo is just as informative as a written report. So we want to take time each week to acknowledge some great photos. We will choose photos based on clarity, details, context, etc. Some of these images may be graphic, but it is not our intent to glorify the horror of traffic accidents. We hope that these images will remind all of us that reckless driving comes at a high price.

via @KrucialTK
An overturned truck in Ruaka. via @KrucialTK

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