Last Week in Photos: Sept 14 – 20


A bus accident on the Northern Bypass. Via @BrianYuleWako
A bus accident on the Northern Bypass. Via @BrianYuleWako

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Last Week in Photos: Sept 7 – 13

Most of these photos show minor accidents – with some damage to vehicles but hopefully very little to the drivers and passengers. But you might notice that EVERY ONE is blocking the flow of traffic. So let these photos be a reminder that even minor accidents cause problems for road users – and not just those directly involved in the accident!


An accident on Enterprise Road. via @kenyanspider

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New Category to Track Road Status in Nairobi!

Which roads have the worst accidents? the most traffic? the biggest potholes? And which roads are the smoothest? well-lit? un-flooded even after hours of rain?

These are important questions that many Nairobi drivers may instinctively be able to answer based on daily driving experience, but we would like to start keeping track of those exact issues here – the good and the bad.

A road work team working on Waiyaki Way. via @ptahwyce

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USA President Obama’s Kenyan visit & its effect on Nairobi’s transport system

By James Adema

USA’s president Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya was one of those rare moments, not only for Nairobi, but for the rest of the country. First and foremost, the Nairobi county government employed workers to beautify the main road to the airport and to State House. This beautification included grass and flower planting. While the beauty was especially meant for the three-day special visit, it has turned out to be a permanent positive change to the main roads.

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What To Do After an Accident

By: Caleb Chuma

Photo by:
Photo by:

It’s not something anyone wants to be involved in or can anticipate, but car accidents do happen and are occurring quite frequently these days. The high number of accidents has raised alarm with Kenyan road authorities; in May 2015 alone, 575 unique accidents were reported through our #AccidentsKE project.

Accidents reported in the Month of May from the @Ma3Route #AccidentsKE project
Accidents reported in the Month of May from the @Ma3Route #AccidentsKE project

However, many people do not know what to do when they are involved in a car accident. In the unfortunate instance that you find yourself in a road accident, follow the following steps:

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Major Nairobi Roads To Be Closed This Friday Ahead of POTUS Visit

By Caleb Chuma

Update: July 24, 2015 9:00 AM

A more comprehensive update on roads has been issued by Inspector General @JBoinnet through his Twitter handle:

1. From Friday (24/7/15) to Sunday (26/7/15) from 1200 noon to 1400 hrs:

  • No access from Waiyaki Way to Chiromo past Westlands Roundabout
  • No entry/exit to/from Riverside
  • From Forest Road, no access to overpass onto Chiromo, blocked at Museum Hill
  • No access to Chiromo through University Roundabout
  • On Uhuru Highway from University Roundabout to JKIA closed from 1600 hours on both sides of dual carriage way inbound & outbound.

2. Saturday from 7:00 AM – 13:30 hrs:

  • Ojijo under/overpass, Forest Road/Limuru Road to UN Headquarters & back, blocked.
  • Bomb Blast area – 11:00 hrs; Haile Sellasie/Moi Avenue, Railways PSV terminus, cleared of motor vehicles. From Landhies blocked at Choo No. Nane.
  • Route from Bomb Blast area to State House & back to hotel closed and from hotel to State House and back closed intermittently between 1300 hrs to 2300 hrs.

3. Sunday from 8:00 AM to 17:00 hrs: 

  • Thika Super Highway closed both sides up to border with Kiambu County.

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