The Most-Reported Accidents of May

Amidst the many accident reported over the month of May, several stand out because they generated so many reports. Here are some of the most-reported accidents from that period.

49 Reports: May 19th, Two Trucks on Mombasa Road Two trucks got in an accident on Mombasa Road that was not severe but still created a jam that lasted for hours. The reports (and the traffic) stretched from 9:20 AM to 4:50 PM.

An image of the two trucks via @herrdoktorus

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Week 2: Best Photos

For the second week of accident reporting we received 292 accident reports that described 145 unique accidents.

Many of these reports included great photos that helped describe and verify the details of an accident. Below are some of the best. Take these as a reminder of how useful a photo can be, but also how disastrous an accident can be.

via @mugosymon3
A minor accident between a matatu and a truck. via @mugosymon3

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Week 1: Best Photos

Sometimes a single photo is just as informative as a written report. So we want to take time each week to acknowledge some great photos. We will choose photos based on clarity, details, context, etc. Some of these images may be graphic, but it is not our intent to glorify the horror of traffic accidents. We hope that these images will remind all of us that reckless driving comes at a high price.

via @KrucialTK
An overturned truck in Ruaka. via @KrucialTK

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Week 1: 136 Unique Accidents Reported!

We were very excited to start the Ma3Route Accidents data collection during Global Road Safety Week (May 4-8). This year’s theme was #savekidslives – raising awareness about child fatalities and measures we can all take to project children on the road. At Ma3Route, we hope that collecting better accident data will lead to road improvements that will save many lives, including many kids’ lives. So, without further ado, let’s look at the data coming in.

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Help Ma3Route Map Traffic Accidents!

Source: NTSA Daily Traffic Accident Statistics
Source: NTSA Daily Traffic Accident Statistics

The most dangerous thing you do today could be crossing the street.

Pedestrians make up the overwhelming majority of deaths caused by traffic accidents in Kenya, according to the latest number from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). The total number of recorded deaths due to traffic accidents in 2014 was 2,907, but this number does not include people that died later as a result of their injuries from an accident.

And it’s not just deaths. Accidents can leave those involved seriously injured, leading to physical disability, job loss, and high medical expenses. Even minor accidents create congestion on the road (that affects many more than those directly involved in the accident) and damage to vehicles.

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