Last Week in Photos (Week 8)


via @Mubwayo
Two buses got in a serious accident on Magadi Road. via @Mubwayo

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The Anatomy of an Accident: June 18th

What Happened on Jogoo Road last Thursday?

On Thursday, June 18th, two buses got in a head-on collision on Jogoo Road around 6:30 PM. One bus was from the Embassava Sacco. The other one was a Forward Traveller. There were 85 reports about the accident in the next three hours. This is the most reports we’ve received about a single accident yet!

“A very bad accident at @jogooroad near Hamza. Btwn embassava and forward traveller. #IwishThemQuickRecovery” via @FrankPascalBar

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The Most-Reported Accidents of May

Amidst the many accident reported over the month of May, several stand out because they generated so many reports. Here are some of the most-reported accidents from that period.

49 Reports: May 19th, Two Trucks on Mombasa Road Two trucks got in an accident on Mombasa Road that was not severe but still created a jam that lasted for hours. The reports (and the traffic) stretched from 9:20 AM to 4:50 PM.

An image of the two trucks via @herrdoktorus

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