Ma3Route is Nairobi’s leading transit mobile application, awarded “Best local application 2015” in Kenya. Reaching 400,000 people a day, our mission is to solve mobility issues in key emerging cities.

How does it work? We crowdsource transport information from our users, using a natural language processing algorithm and a small moderation team. We then provide all commuters with real-time updates on traffic, directions, driving reports through our native mobile apps, website social media and SMS channels – hence improving their journey.

This blog is a space to explore Ma3Route’s data, including any trends, analysis, and visualizations. It’s also a platform to share our stories on transportation and mobility. Posts are written by the Ma3Route team, affiliated researchers and guest bloggers. Any questions related to content or images can be directed to info[at]ma3route.com.

Happy reading and safe travels!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice initiative … maybe you should also include a roads section … highlight all roads in a bad / pathetic state, not so secure roads to be during at off peak, roads that need lighting etc. … plus also those that are smooth all the way we all wish we could have 24/7/365… with all this info we hope that those in charge will take up the initiative to improve


    1. We love this idea! Thank you. Adding a new “roads” category now… Feel free to contribute your thoughts on various roads around the city via the Ma3Route app or @Ma3Route on Twitter!


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