Accidents Involving Students & School Buses

A school bus rolled because its breaks failed. via @TheStarKenya

It is painful to hear about accidents involving students. You would hope that drivers take more care when they see that the vehicle next to them is full of children. And yet, these accidents happen too often. From May 1 through October 12 a total of 44 accidents were reported on Ma3Route involving students or school vehicles. Twelve of these accidents had reported fatalities. 

The map below shows 32 of the reported accidents (the others did not have enough information to be mapped). The person icon shows accidents where students were hit as pedestrians. Don’t forget to zoom out – seventeen accidents happened outside of Nairobi county.


Of the 44 total accidents, eleven involved students as pedestrians (9 are on the map) and six of these eleven (55%%) had fatalities. In two cases, students were killed by the very school bus that had delivered them.

The other six fatal accidents involved students in a vehicle (usually a school bus) in a crash. One accident – a bus hit by a lorry whose brakes failed – had eight reported student fatalities.

This bus from the Shiners Girls High School in Nakuru overturned when it hit a tree. Fatalities were reported. via @leleykib


When is the most dangerous time for students on the roads? It would seem likely that when schools open and close there is a rise in accidents with students because so many of them are traveling to and from school. But the data doesn’t really show this. Instead, accidents are spread across the past five and half months with several peaks that make it hard to point to a specific time that is worst for accidents. Unfortunately, this means we must always worry for students – like all road users – who are at risk whenever they are on the roads.

The following chart shows when these accidents occurred by week. Red icons represent accidents with reported fatalities.

school accidents
This chart shows the distribution of accidents by week. Red icons represent accidents with reported fatalities.

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