The Anatomy of an Accident: June 18th

What Happened on Jogoo Road last Thursday?

On Thursday, June 18th, two buses got in a head-on collision on Jogoo Road around 6:30 PM. One bus was from the Embassava Sacco. The other one was a Forward Traveller. There were 85 reports about the accident in the next three hours. This is the most reports we’ve received about a single accident yet!

“A very bad accident at @jogooroad near Hamza. Btwn embassava and forward traveller. #IwishThemQuickRecovery” via @FrankPascalBar

A Fatal Accident

Besides a lot of warnings about the resulting jam and suggestions to take other routes, the reports tell a pretty detailed story of what happened.

“Accident happened at hamsa jogoo Road involving several ma3s” via @triggah_mc at 6:46 PM

“Am at the jogoo rd accident area and jam is heavy. Traffic police at the scene” via @kimaniq at 6:58 PM

“accident on Jogoo road at Hamza head-on btwn Embassava and forward one driver has no leg the other is no more” via @machosmall at 7:25 PM (confirmed in this news report)

“One dead at Jogoo road accident (Forward traveller driver) others injured.” via @angydearie at 8:07 PM

“Casualties still trapped in the buses after the accident along Jogoo Rd” via @Aganbright at 8:07 PM

via Anonymous

“accident was caused by an eastern bypass mat, it ignored the traffic lights..the embassava was trying to avoid it” via @ngina_kariuki at 8:45 PM (a theory supported by a statement from the NTSA according to this news report)

What can be learned?

The accident even inspired some insights and suggestions about how to prevent similar accidents in the future:

“Jogoo rd accident is a wake up call to redesign our roads. We shouldn’t have crossjunctions across 2 lane highways” via @bmbote

“Jogoo rd drives in the long side of the highway with awareness of the police. Expect more such accidents.” via @Onesnjara

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