The Anatomy of an Accident: June 18th

What Happened on Jogoo Road last Thursday?

On Thursday, June 18th, two buses got in a head-on collision on Jogoo Road around 6:30 PM. One bus was from the Embassava Sacco. The other one was a Forward Traveller. There were 85 reports about the accident in the next three hours. This is the most reports we’ve received about a single accident yet!

“A very bad accident at @jogooroad near Hamza. Btwn embassava and forward traveller. #IwishThemQuickRecovery” via @FrankPascalBar

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The Most-Reported Accidents of May

Amidst the many accident reported over the month of May, several stand out because they generated so many reports. Here are some of the most-reported accidents from that period.

49 Reports: May 19th, Two Trucks on Mombasa Road Two trucks got in an accident on Mombasa Road that was not severe but still created a jam that lasted for hours. The reports (and the traffic) stretched from 9:20 AM to 4:50 PM.

An image of the two trucks via @herrdoktorus

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The Dawn of Better Road Traffic Control

By James Adema

Source: @CaptainOpany  on Ma3Route
Source: @CaptainOpany on Ma3Route

How can Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) interface with traffic? When you think of technology and traffic, often you think of flying cars, or other out-of-this-world, crazy inventions. But sometimes all it takes to avoid traffic is just more information about the traffic and where it is! Several years ago, there were less traffic control platforms to monitor day-to-day road traffic activities and many people would blindly drive into traffic because they simply didn’t know there was traffic on that particular road.

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